CoinDCX will Support the AI DAO Network (AOS) Airdrop for SOS (OpenDAO) Holders

Dear Community,

We would like to let you know that CoinDCX will support the AI DAO Network (AOS) airdrop for SOS (OpenDAO) holders. Please keep reading for the complete timeline about this change.

Important to note:

    • The snapshot for the airdrop will take place at 05:30 AM (IST) on 28 March 2023.
    • The airdropped AOS amount for each user holding SOS will be calculated based on the ratio: 10,000 SOS = 1 AOS. Accounts with less than 100 million SOS will be excluded from the airdrop program.
    • For the trading and listing of AOS on CoinDCX, AOS will go through the same strict listing review process as CoinDCX does for any other coin/token. Supporting this airdrop does not guarantee the listing of AOS. We as an exchange do not guarantee any listings as per our internal policy.
    • We will distribute AOS tokens after the project has completed the AOS token distribution to SOS holders.
    • We will make a separate announcement to inform users of the completion of the AOS token distribution.

We appreciate your support and cooperation while we work on this. For any further queries, please get in touch with our support team.


Team CoinDCX

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