Streamr Trading Battle – Congratulations to all the Winners

Dear CoinDCX Pro Traders,

Heartiest Congratulations to all the winners of Streamr Trading Battle.

Rank Email Address
1 r***[email protected]
2 p***[email protected]
3 k***[email protected]
4 c***[email protected]
5 s***[email protected]
6 a***[email protected]
7 s***[email protected]
8 n***[email protected]
9 k***[email protected]
10 s***[email protected]
11 a***[email protected]
12 k***[email protected]
13 a***[email protected]
14 s***[email protected]
15 a***[email protected]

Thank You for Participating.
Happy Trading!

Team CoinDCX

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