Coupon Code/ Voucher redemption Terms and Conditions (“Terms”)

    1. Eligible User” is a citizen of India, above the age of 18 years and who has not registered on CoinDCX website/ applications (“CoinDCX Platform”) or registered on CoinDCX Platform but never transacted on/before the date of campaign/ promotional event. 
    2. Eligible User shall comply with all KYC/ registration requirements of CoinDCX Platform and shall adhere to any campaign/ promotional event level requirements
    3. The campaign/ promotional event (“Event”) is open for participation by an Eligible User who would be required to register on CoinDCX Platform or complete their first transaction in order to redeem any coupon code/ voucher distributed as a part of the Event. 
    4. These Terms should be read in conjunction with the terms of use of the CoinDCX Platform.
    5.  Under the Event, the Eligible Users shall be awarded a coupon code/ voucher thereby enabling early access to the new product(s) as may be launched by CoinDCX and as per the sole discretion of CoinDCX.
    6. CoinDCX reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend, modify or cancel this Event or any coupon code/ voucher issued thereunder at any time with or without notice.
    7. The coupon code/ voucher once redeemed will have no further validity and CoinDCX or any of its authorized third party/ alliance partner acting on behalf of CoinDCX shall have no liability in this regard.
    8. CoinDCX or any of its authorized third party/ alliance partner acting on behalf of CoinDCX shall not be responsible in the event of any loss, claim or damage, resulting from technical or technological problems or unauthorized use of the coupon code/ voucher of a user.
    9.  No representation or warranty on accessibility without interruption of CoinDCX Platform is being hereby made.
    10. Eligible User shall not transfer/ sell or assign the coupon code/ voucher to any third-party for value or redeem it for cash. Any such act will result in forfeiting of coupon code/ voucher including any other legal action.
    11. Coupon code/voucher can be redeemed during its validity period only. 
    12. CoinDCX shall have the right to disqualify any Eligible User at any time.
    13. Employees of CoinDCX or any of its subsidiaries or employees of any authorized third party/ alliance partner are not eligible to participate in any such Event.
    14. Any applicable taxes, or any other costs or charges levied by any regulatory or government authority in relation to any withdrawal or transfer of any rewards credited to the wallet/ account under any Event will be borne by the user. If required by law or authority CoinDCX may withhold any such amount from the user wallet.

DISCLAIMER: Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions.

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