CoinDCX Charcha: Twitter Spaces with Sologenic

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We are back with our awesome #CoinDCXCharcha & Quiz contest!!! This time, get ready to attend the session on the topic ‘Exploring Sologenic’s Impact on Tokenization and DeFi’ with CoinDCX Twitter Space session and Sologenic’s team at 08:00 PM (IST) / 02:30 PM (GMT) on 28th June, 2023, followed by a quiz contest from 28th June to 30th June, 2023. 

Follow our official Twitter & Instagram channels closely to be eligible for the reward by simply sharing your answer on the respective quiz form. 20 lucky winners stand a chance to win INR 3000 worth of $SOLO each*.


‘Exploring Sologenic’s Impact on Tokenization and DeFi Session at 08:00 PM (IST) / 02:30 PM (GMT) on 28th June, 2023 (CoinDCX Official Twitter Channel), followed by the [Sologenic] Quiz Competition* from 9:00 PM (IST) on 28th June, 2023, till 11:59 PM (IST) on 20th June, 2023 (Twitter and Instagram). 

Tip: Sologenic Quiz Competition will be based on the ‘Exploring Sologenic’s Impact on Tokenization and DeFi’ session. Don’t miss out on tuning in at 08:00 PM (IST) / 02:30 PM (GMT).


Twitter Spaces Session: CoinDCX Official Twitter Channel
Quiz Competition : Twitter & Instagram


Twitter Spaces: 08:00 PM (IST) / 02:30 PM (GMT) on 28th June, 2023

Quiz Competition : From 09:00 PM (IST) on 28th May, 2023, to 11:59 PM (IST) on 30th May, 2023


Attend the Twitter Spaces on CoinDCX Official Twitter Handle and then participate in the Quiz Competition on Twitter and Instagram


20 winners will get the chance to win INR 3000 worth of $SOLO each.* (Check Terms and Conditions section for more details)


    • Select the correct answer from the Quiz form we provide. 
    • The Quiz Competition will run from 09:00 PM (IST) from 28th June, 2023 till 11:59 PM (IST) on 30th June, 2023.
    • Submit only ONE entry per registered user, multiple submissions will lead to disqualification.
    • Users need to complete their KYC on CoinDCX to be eligible for winning.
    • Follow the official CoinDCX official Twitter and Instagram accounts.
    • Instagram users: Check out CoinDCX’s story on our official Instagram handle and follow the link to participate on Twitter.
    • Twitter users: Like the post, retweet it by using the hashtag #CoinDCXCharcha, and tag 2 friends.


    • 20 winners will be entitled to receive the reward, based on the points obtained for each correct answer in the quiz and the time taken by them to answer. In case of a tie, the result will be decided through a random lucky draw conducted by CoinDCX.
    • CoinDCX shall exercise its sole discretion in deciding the winners.
    • Winners will be announced within 14 working days after the contest closes.
    • Rewards will be distributed within 14-21 working days after the announcement of winners.
    • Entries will be disqualified if the Rules of Engagement (as mentioned above) are not followed. Entries will only be entertained via the form shared by authorized representatives of CoinDCX through the contest post on CoinDCX’s official Twitter and Instagram handles. 
    • Your entry will not be valid after 11:59 PM (IST) on 30th May, 2023.
    • CoinDCX shall have the sole right and discretion to decide and declare the winner in a situation of a tie between two or more users. The user hereby waives all rights to dispute any decision of CoinDCX in this regard and CoinDCX does not undertake any liability, responsibility, or guarantee towards any user.  
    • CoinDCX holds all rights to revoke the reward or any rights therein in case of any fraud, breach of network security, misrepresentation, negligence, or breach of applicable law, or terms herein by any user.
    • The winners shall comply with all applicable laws, including all applicable taxation laws. The winners shall be liable to pay all applicable taxes or any other costs or charges levied by any statutory or government authority in relation to any withdrawal, or credit/ transfer of any rewards to the user under the program. CoinDCX does not undertake any liability or responsibility in this regard. 
    • You will be subject to the terms of use of the CoinDCX platform, and in case of non-compliance, CoinDCX shall have the right to reject/ withdraw any rewards declared under this program. 
    • CoinDCX shall have the right to discontinue this program at any time at its sole discretion.

Get ready for an exciting #CoinDCXCharcha & Quiz contest. Participate Now!!!


Team CoinDCX


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