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We’re back with another Twitter Spaces where we are joined by industry leaders & experts to discuss the new developments in Web3, Virtual Digital Assets (VDAs) policies, regulations & new tokens.  

VDAs have become a part of the mainstream but, currently, there is no standard framework in any country to regulate them. In order to set the right framework, we need to understand VDAs & their use cases.

In this edition of #CoinDCXCharcha on Twitter Spaces, we’ll be discussing the topic: What exactly are VDAs? with Sunil Aggarwal, Author of “Bitcoin Magnet”, Hitesh Malviya, VC at IBC Capital, and Gurinder Dua, COO at Indian journals, from @EliteWeb3 where we’ll touch upon points like:

    • What are VDAs?
    • How can we set a standard framework for them?
    • What is their real function?
    • Is setting different frameworks by categorising VDAs the right way?
    • Can we learn from the current framework around the regulations of VDAs?
    • AMA session for the audience.

Join us for this discussion on 20th April 2023 at 6:30 PM (IST) on our official Twitter Spaces. 

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