CoinDCX has Completed the BinaryX Token Swap and Redenomination Plan

Dear Community,

We would like to inform you that we have successfully completed the BinaryX (BNX) token swap and redenomination plan on 22 February 2023.

Kindly Note: 

    • BNX/BTC, BNX/BNB, BNX/BUSD, BNX/USDT and BNX/INR are now trading live on the CoinDCX Pro website and app.
    • The distribution of BNX was conducted at a ratio of 1 BNX = 100 BNX. For example, if you previously had 5 BNX in your wallet, you will now see 500 BNX. 
    • Please note that the Profit & Loss page on your app screen will be temporarily disabled. This will be restored within 24 hours. This will not impact the overall value of your position and you can continue to trade normally. 

You can refer to our previous announcement here for more information. 

For any further queries, please get in touch with our support team.


Team CoinDCX

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