CoinDCX Pro Spot Delisting Notice: ANKR/BNB, CVC/BUSD, IOTA/BNB, MTL/ETH | 30th August 2023

Dear Community

This is to inform you that we will remove and cease trading on certain trading pairs for Ankr (ANKR), Civic (CVC), MIOTA(IOTA), and Metal DAO (MTL) from Spot on CoinDCX Pro on August 31st, 2023.

The exact Spot Trading pairs being removed are: ANKR/BNB, CVC/BUSD, IOTA/BNB, MTL/ETH

Please note: 
At 8:30 AM (IST) on August 31st, 2023, we will delist the following trading pairs on Spot: ANKR/BNB, CVC/BUSD, IOTA/BNB, MTL/ETH, and then cancel all pending spot trade orders.

Users can still trade the above assets on other trading pairs that are available on CoinDCX Pro: ANKR/USDT, ANKR/BTC, ANKR/INR, CVC/USDT, IOTA/BTC, IOTA/USDT, IOTA/ETH, MTL/USDT, MTL/BTC, MTL/INR.

We regret the inconvenience this may cause, but we assure you that we’re taking this step keeping in mind the long-term safety of your investments.


Team CoinDCX

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