CoinDCX Pro will Support the BZRX Token Swap & Redenomination Plan to OOKI | December 20, 2021

Dear Community,

  • CoinDCX Pro will support the bZx Protocol Token (BZRX) token swap and redenomination plan to OokiDAO Token (OOKI).

  • Please refer below for the timeline about this change.
      • CoinDCX Pro has delisted all existing BZRX spot trading pairs (BZRX/BTC and BZRX/USDT) and all pending BZRX spot and margin orders have been cancelled.
      • CoinDCX Pro will recover all BZRX balances and begin the distribution of OOKI to all eligible users at a ratio of 1 BZRX = 10 OOKI.
      • Trading will then open for OOKI/USDT and OOKI/BUSD spot trading pairs at 09:30 AM (IST) on December 24, 2021.
      • We will share a separate announcement after the token swap is completed to notify users when deposits and withdrawals of OOKI will be opened.

  • We appreciate your support and cooperation while we work on this.


Team CoinDCX

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