CoinDCX Pro will list COTI (COTI)

CoinDCX Pro proudly announces the listing of COTI (COTI) on DCXtrade and DCXmargin.


Date and time of activation: 2020/02/28  12:00 PM (IST) 

Pairs listed:  COTI/BNB, COTI/BTC and COTI/USDT 

Max Leverage: 3x 


Note: We have only listed ERC20 and BEP2 COTI tokens

COTI is a FinTech company that has developed a base protocol, known as the Trustchain™, which aims to address technical challenges plaguing other existing cryptocurrencies and limiting their mass adoption as a means of payment. It includes consumer wallets, merchant processing tools and a digital currency exchange facility. COTI uses a DAG (directed acyclic graph) ledger to address the shortcomings of blockchain platforms that make them unsuitable for supporting mainstream and everyday transactional needs. COTI network users can expect low-to-zero fees, buyer-seller protections, a robust Trust Scoring Engine and a decentralized Mediation System.

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