CoinDCX Will Support the CHSB (SwissBorg Token) Rebranding to BORG (SwissBorg Token) | 16 October 2023

Dear CoinDCX Users,

At 10:30 AM (IST) on October 16th 2023. CoinDCX will delist existing CHSB (SwissBorg Token) spot trading pairs : CHSB/USDT and then cancel all pending spot trade orders. In addition, CoinDCX will remove CHSB  from the list of supported cryptocurrencies on CoinDCX Pro App.
At 9:30 PM (IST) on October 16th 2023 Snapshots of users’ positions will be taken, after all orders are canceled.

Details of Token Swap:
CoinDCX will recover all CHSB balances, and begin the distribution of  BORG tokens to all eligible users at a ratio of 1:1 basis
The resumption of trading of BORG tokens will be released in the following announcement. CoinDCX will make a separate announcement after the rebranding is complete to notify users.

CoinDCX reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice. The above is for information purposes only and CoinDCX makes no recommendations or guarantees in respect of any virtual asset, product, or promotion on CoinDCX.

Team CoinDCX

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