CoinDCX Pro Will Support the Filecoin (FIL) Network Upgrade & Hard Fork

Dear Community,

CoinDCX Pro will support the Filecoin (FIL) network upgrade & hard fork. The Filecoin (FIL) network upgrade will commence during epoch 665280

Kindly Note:
– The network upgrade will happen during epoch 665280.

– The estimated time is for users’ reference only. You can check the progress using the blockchain explorer.

– The trading of FIL will not be affected during the upgrade.

– CoinDCX Pro will handle all technical requirements involved for all users holding FIL in their CoinDCX Pro accounts.

– The FIL network upgrade & hard fork will not result in new tokens being created.

For more information on the network upgrade & hard fork, please refer to the following:

v1.6.0 Release and Network v11 Upgrade Timeline #5905

Happy Trading!!!
Team CoinDCX