CoinDCX Pro will update the ticker of XZC to FIRO

Dear Community,

Following the announcement from the Firo team, CoinDCX Pro will update the ticker of XZC to FIRO. Further details about this change are shown on the timeline below:

– At 2021/01/24 10:00 PM (IST), we will delist XZC/ETH, XZC/USDT and XZC/BTC from Margin.

– At 2021/01/25 07:00 AM (IST), we will halt trading for all XZC trading pairs, and the trading pairs will also subsequently be delisted from the exchange. We will then take an immediate snapshot of all XZC balances and begin the distribution of FIRO to all eligible users at a ratio of 1 XZC = 1 FIRO.

– At 2021/01/29 08:00 AM (IST), we will open trading for the new FIRO/BTC, FIRO/USDT, and FIRO/ETH pairs.

Please Note:

All the open margin positions and open orders will be closed at the time of delisting. Margin positions will be closed at the market price right before delisting.

For any further queries reach out to us at [email protected]

Team CoinDCX