Creator’s Quidditch | August 16 – August 21, 2021

Dear Community,
This Independence week, participate in our week-long blog writing contest by submitting your articles and get a chance to win from a prize pool of INR 37,000.
About the Contest:
Let your creative side shine! CoinDCX is organizing their first-ever blog writing contest. We are looking for your most inventive ideas, high-quality writing, and ways to improve cryptocurrency knowledge across varied audiences. 
The theme of the contest is “Creator’s Quidditch”. The topics are separated into two different themes: Crypto vs Crypto and NFT. Keep reading to get complete details about the topics and steps to participate.
Eligibility & Rewards:
This contest is open to all interested candidates with or without involvement in cryptocurrency trading and/or investment.
A total of 10 Winners will be selected among the contest participants. Each winner gets INR 3,700 worth of cryptos from a total prize pool of INR 37,000.
Contest Theme Guide:

  • Theme 1: Crypto vs Crypto 

You need to choose only one of the following topics:

  1. Bitcoin vs Ethereum
  2. Cardano vs Ethereum
  3. Shiba Inu vs Dogecoin
  4. Polkadot vs Cosmos

Structure of the blog:

  • Introduction paragraph (word limit 300).
  • Market cap (this can be either the max market cap/yr or the market cap till a certain month/year).
  • History of the crypto asset (word limit 100). Hint: Focus more on developed by who and why and on what blockchain protocol.
  • Supply of the cryptocurrency and key price drivers.
  • Mining process and/or rewards.
  • All Time High values since inception, year wise (bullet points).
  • Mention two Pros/Cons each to be added in a tabular format.
  • Investor inclination. Hint: What famous crypto investors have to say about its position in the future.

Note: Blog content word count is Min. 800 and Max. 1200.

  • Theme 2: Non Fungible Tokens (NFT)

Structure of the blog:

  • NFT introduction paragraph (word limit 300).
  • Types of NFT (listicle only; word limit 200).
  • Top NFT (value/option; word limit 200).
  • Most popular NFT tokens (listicle; word limit 100-200).

Note: Blog content word count is Min. 800 and Max. is 1200.
Submission Guidelines:

  • The contest will be live from 08:00 PM on August 16, 2021 to 11:59 PM on August 21, 2021.
  • Please send your blog content in .pdf format to [email protected].
  • Email subject line should be: “Creator’s Quidditch | Blog  Submission | CoinDCX”.

Declaration of Winners

  • Winners will be declared within 14 days from the last date of submission.
  • Winners will be announced on our official Twitter and Telegram channels. 
  • All winners will receive a congratulatory email and a special invite.

Assessment Criteria and Rules

Your blogs should meet the following criteria to qualify to win:

  1. The blog should meet professional standards and be of publishable quality. Any plagiarism or profanity will make the blog non-publishable and thus, it would be rejected.
  2. Content needs to be genuine and strictly relevant. Answer all questions that may come to one’s mind regarding the topic. However, do not write irrelevant things to make up the word count. 
  3. Important points should be properly highlighted, and the paragraphs/sentences should have proper headings and subheadings following a proper flow. We love well-structured articles!
  4. Information should not be repetitive. Please avoid over-exaggeration or over-explanation of concepts. 
  5. We would appreciate it if there are accompanying PPTs, videos, tables, charts, infographics, etc. to explain the concept completely. You can use hyperlinks in your blog, if needed.

Terms and Conditions 

  • Blogs are only to be submitted in English. 
  • There is no fee payable to enter the contest.
  • No content will be considered if submitted after the deadline specified. Also, all content must adhere to the subject line structure mentioned above.
  • By submitting your blogs for this contest, you are giving CoinDCX exclusive and unlimited license, without any restriction of time or geographical restriction, to publish your content on our blog or any other compendium where we may like to publish it. 
  • The content shared will be CoinDCX IP (intellectual property) and the author may not share the same content anywhere else.
  • Since the content shared is contributed by the author, the author name, contact details and social media handles will be mentioned with the content so that the audiences can discover the author.
  • The authors will also be mentioned on official CoinDCX social/community handles. This helps us drive visibility for the authors and commend them for their efforts.
  • The content shared might be tweaked slightly, without changing any underlying context, for the purpose of web hygiene. Changes may include, and not limited to, adding a hero banner image, infographics, grammatical corrections, etc.

Win the game of quidditch with your words and inventive ideas this time!
Best regards,
Team CoinDCX
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