The Graph Whitepaper Review Winner’s List

Dear Community,

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you for your overwhelming participation. We highly appreciate your involvement and it is really a blessing to have you all by our side. We look forward to your participation in future activities too.

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Geetimoni Phukan
Niteshkumar G
Johnson cherish
Vikrant shetty
Ashish namdeo
Justin Joseph
Vivek Maadame
Babul pal
Aditya Bajare
Rithuraj Nambiar
Keval Pansara
Saurabh Sadashiv Devde
Aakash Bansal
Jayesh Premchandani
Rishabh Mehta
Yubraj Bhoi
Asha Shyam Sundar


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