Trade Binance USD (BUSD) & Win Rewards | Winners Announcement

Dear Community,

Thank you for your overwhelming participation in the Trade Binance USD (BUSD) challenge. Our heartiest congratulations to all the winners!

ma********[email protected]
pa********[email protected]
mr********[email protected]
go********[email protected]
va********[email protected]
ch********[email protected]
sa*********[email protected]
rr********[email protected]
ak********[email protected]
Pa********[email protected]
up********[email protected]
ji********[email protected]
ra********[email protected]
ar********’[email protected]
sp********[email protected]
aj********[email protected]
me********[email protected]
an********[email protected]
pr********[email protected]
kg********[email protected]
ve********[email protected]
sw********[email protected]
AR********[email protected]
ma********[email protected]

Please Note: The rewards are under process and will be credited at the earliest.

Thank you for your participation!
Team CoinDCX

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