CoinDCX Bug Bounty Program

Dear Community,

We at CoinDCX strongly believe that security researchers play a vital role in our environment by hunting down vulnerabilities sometimes missed in the software development process. We recognize and value such partnerships with security researchers that can make our customers more secure and keep our community safe.  

CoinDCX proudly presents its Bug Bounty Program where you can receive recognition and compensation for reporting bugs, especially those pertaining to such security exploits and vulnerabilities.

Through the Bug Bounty Program, we want you to help us in our mission to always remain the safest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange. If you are a security researcher having the capability to find vulnerabilities in our product or service, we would encourage you to participate in our Bug Bounty Program. 

If your vulnerability report affects a product or service that is within scope of one of our bounty programs, you may receive a bounty award according to the program descriptions. CoinDCX holds the rights in its sole discretion to decide whether a report is eligible for a reward and the reward amount. 


      • Testing on production. 
      • Behavior that compromises the stability and integrity of the site is out of scope. 
      • Do not target other user’s data. Instead, use one of your other sets of credentials.
      • Delete/remove/edit parts of the site, engage any sort of DoS attack, and/or compromise any target’s ability to function for other users. 
      • If you believe that you have found a vulnerability of this nature, please stop further testing and report it here.

Focus Areas: 

      • Accessing another account’s personal/financial information
      • Accessing another user’s wallets 
      • Withdrawing funds as a sub-account


      • P1 vulnerabilities – $2100-2500
      • P2 vulnerabilities – $1000-1250
      • P3 vulnerabilities – $450-600
      • P4 vulnerabilities – $150-200

CoinDCX Bug Bounty Program is subject to rules and conditions outlined here, and our Safe Harbor policy. 

Let the hunt begin!

Team CoinDCX