Important: CoinDCX Go is Renaming to CoinDCX

Dear Community,

We’re constantly working towards our mission to make crypto accessible. And as a part of our growing family, we want YOU to be the first to know about our latest brand developments in the pipeline. 

Here’s a summary👇

Soon CoinDCX Go will be renamed to CoinDCX 📢

It’s the same app with a new name!

We always believe in engaging with our community to understand how we can improve our products. After all, the product is made for you.

From your feedback, we observed that having various extensions to CoinDCX was creating more confusion than solving problems for our users. This got us working! After several discussions, we decided that our broader commitment should always focus on establishing CoinDCX as your one-stop exchange platform with a unified and simple user experience.

So yes! We cannot wait to share this change with you. We’ll share an official announcement with you as soon as the renaming is done. We genuinely appreciate your support and will continue to keep serving you with industry-best crypto solutions!

P.S. Hurry! Check your email for complete details on this change.

Team CoinDCX

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