Security Upgrade for Mobile App

Dear Traders,

As per the latest security upgrades, customers using CoinDCX Mobile App will be required to verify their mobile devices to ensure user’s authenticity.

Kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Login to CoinDCX App with your account credentials. You’ll receive a pop-up asking you to verify your device.
  2. An email will be sent to your registered email address with a one-time verification link.
  3. Verify your device by clicking on the verification link and then proceed to login to your app. Make sure you click on the link from the same device that you are using to log in to your account. 

This is a one-time process to verify your mobile device and prevent unauthorized access to your CoinDCX account. Further app upgrades are also underway to make this process much simpler.

Thanks for your support and patience
Team CoinDCX

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