We are upgrading your security (Updated)

Dear CoinDCX Pro traders,

CoinDCX Pro is releasing a security upgrade for all it’s users to ensure we provide a safe and secure environment for them. As part of this new release, we will be providing greater control and security for our sub-account users from 1 August 2020, 6 P.M (IST).

When a user is part of “Withdrawal Block Window”, we are disabling transfer of funds between sub-accounts. Due to this your funds are protected and any unauthorised activity on your CoinDCX Pro account is restricted.

To understand the “Withdrawal Block Window”, you can be in this window for the following reasons,

  1. Change your account’s password
  2. Change the mode of your 2FA (SMS vs Authenticator App)
  3. Change your phone number

As you would know, 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is mandatory for all sub-accounts. When you add a new sub-account or transfer funds to/from a sub-account, you will be required to enter the OTP (from SMS or Google Authenticator app) and click on the verification link sent on your email. After you click on the verification link, the addition of a sub-account or transfer of funds will be successful. 

Transferring funds from or to a sub-account for the first time will first require verification of the sub-account’ email address. A verification link will be sent to the subaccount’s email address to approve the authenticity of the email address. Clicking on the verification link will verify the subaccount’s email address and enable the transfers. This is only a one-time process. 

This new upgrade is one of many planned upgrades at CoinDCX Pro that will be happening over the next couple of months. Our mission at CoinDCX Pro is to help users have a safe & secure environment to trade with confidence.

We are thankful to you for your support.

Happy Trading !

Team CoinDCX

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