CoinDCX will Support the QuickSwap (QUICK) Token Swap & Redenomination Plan

Hello Community,

We would like to inform you that CoinDCX will be supporting the token swap and redenomination of QuickSwap (QUICK) with the following arrangements  & timelines:

    • At 10:00 AM (IST) on 16th July 2023: We will delist existing QuickSwap ($QUICK) spot trading pairs : QUICK/USDT, QUICK/BTC and then cancel all pending spot trade orders.
    • In addition, we will remove QUICK from the list of supported crypto assets on the CoinDCX Pro App.
    • At 01:30 PM (IST) on 21st July 2023, trading will open for QUICK/USDT, QUICK/BTC spot trading pairs.
    • In addition, to provide users with a better trading experience, CoinDCX will remove the old candlestick charts for QUICK trading pairs on the spot trading page, effective from 01:30 PM (IST) on 21st July 2023.
    • We will make a separate announcement after the token swap and redenomination is complete to notify all our users.

Details of Token Swap:

    • We will recover all old QUICK balances, and begin the distribution of new QUICK tokens to all eligible users at a ratio of 1 old QUICK = 1,000 new QUICK
    • After the token swap, in order to distinguish between new and old tokens, old QUICK tokens will be renamed QUICKOLD as the ticker and the new token will be called QUICK

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