Traders Premier League | Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions shall govern the CoinDCX Traders Premier League (“TPL”). The User(s) (as defined below) shall always comply with the Terms of Use and hereby agree that they have read and understood the terms of the Risk Disclosure and the Privacy Policy governing the use of the online platforms of Neblio Technologies Private Limited (“CoinDCX”). Capitalised terms not defined herein shall have the same meaning as assigned to them under the Terms of Use.

Wherein “Users” shall mean and include-

(i) a user registered and currently transacting in futures on CoinDCX platform as per its rules.

(ii) is a citizen of India and above 18 years of age.

(iii) is compliant to all KYC requirements and complies with any campaign/ promotional event level requirement.

(iv) has received a specific communication/ invite/ SMS/ notification regarding the Campaign from CoinDCX.

  • TPL will run from June 22nd 2023 to August 11th 2023 (“Competition Period”). In order to participate in the TPL, the User must trade in Futures only on CoinDCX Pro and/or CoinDCX web during the TPL.
  • The Users will compete in 10 (ten) different groups and shall have the right to choose any group from the below mentioned table. The groups would be led by influencers designated by CoinDCX as leaders for each group. The groups for TPL shall be as follows:


Sl. No.

Name of the Groups





















**Reward means the trade incentive offered for achieving the prescribed trade volumes by traders in the TPL.

**Team refers to the Groups of traders formed/created in the TPL.


    • Number of Users in each group shall be managed by CoinDCX to ensure equal distribution and fairness in all groups.
    • Upon signing-up in the TPL, the Users shall get access to an exclusive telegram group to connect with their group members and Users can refer their friends to join them in the group.
    • Each group’s goal is to have the highest trading volume by the end of the Competition Period.
    • The leaders for each group shall be selected by CoinDCX.
  • All the groups will be eligible for the incentives, however only the top 11 Users of each group who have the maximum trading volume shall be entitled for the trading incentive (“Trading Incentive”). The Trading Incentive shall be unlocked in the manner as prescribed on
  • The winners will be announced after the expiry of the Competition Period. After the winners are announced, the Trading Incentive will be credited in each winner’s wallet (in USDT) within 10 (ten) working days of such announcement. This incentive will be credited after deducting 10% TDSThe manner in which the Trading Incentive will be distributed shall be as per the internal process followed by CoinDCX. However, if there is a technical failure or unforeseen circumstances, these timelines may not be met by CoinDCX. CoinDCX does not undertake any liability for the same. 
  • The User hereby understands and agrees that no Trading Incentive shall be payable in any other case and trade types unless specifically mentioned by CoinDCX.
  • In case of a tie with equal futures volume between the groups, the groups with lesser number of people will be given the Trading Incentive. However, in case the number of Users in the group are also the same then CoinDCX shall have the sole right and discretion to decide and declare the winner in a situation of a tie between two or more Users/groups. The User hereby waives all rights to dispute any decision of CoinDCX in this regard and CoinDCX does not undertake any liability, responsibility, or guarantee towards any User.
  • CoinDCX reserves the right to:
    a) Declare any Trading Incentive already given invalid and subject to cancellation upon direct or indirect evidence of attempted fraudulent actions including but not limited to market manipulation, unfair trade practices, etc.
    b) Publish the winners’ trading IDs/names and countries, in any form or media whatsoever.
    c) Discontinue, suspend, modify, or cancel TPL or any terms contained herein for any or all of its Users.
    d) Select fewer winners than described above at its discretion in the event that sufficient number of eligible traders meeting the entry requirements is not met.
    e) Reject or disqualify any trader who is breaching the terms set herein and, in all cases, wherein CoinDCX has reason to believe that the trader is engaged in fraudulent or otherwise unfair trading methods/practices.
    f) Reverse the previously credited and/or withdraw already granted Trading Incentive and CoinDCX disclaims all liability and responsibility in this regard.
  • Users acknowledge that they shall only participate in TPL when they feel adequately equipped to trade.
  • In case the User does not complete their KYC successfully, the User shall be ineligible for the receipt of any Trading Incentive under the TPL.
  • CoinDCX holds all rights to revoke the Trading Incentive or any rights therein in case of any fraud, breach of network security, misrepresentation, negligence, wash trades, bulk registered accounts, self-dealing, collusion or display of attributes of market manipulation, API bot trading or any activity in order to avail the Trading Incentive by any illegal or immoral means, breach of applicable law or terms herein or Terms of Use by any User. CoinDCX shall have the right to proceed against the User in a manner as CoinDCX may deem fit.
  • The User hereby agrees and acknowledges that CoinDCX does not undertake any guarantee or warranty on the quality of any third-party product or service being distributed as the Trading Incentive and shall not be liable for any defects or discrepancies.
  • The Users who win the Trading Incentive shall comply with all applicable laws, including all the applicable taxation laws (including in India). The winners shall be liable to pay all applicable taxes, or any other costs or charges levied by any statutory or government authority in relation to any withdrawal or credit/transfer of any Trading Incentive to the User under the TPL. CoinDCX does not undertake any liability or responsibility in this regard.
  • The User, by participating in this TPL, hereby agrees and grants their irrevocable consent to CoinDCX for sharing their in-app activity with each other including for any survey, statistics etc. Each User agrees that CoinDCX shall be permitted to publicly share and/or utilise the trading, registration, and any other data as regards trading activity on the User’s account as CoinDCX deems fit.
  • The User shall indemnify and keep CoinDCX indemnified at all times for and against any loss, costs, damages, expenses, liabilities, claims arising out of any breach by the User of the terms contained herein or of any other applicable laws in India.
  • Under no circumstances whatsoever shall CoinDCX or any of its directors, officers, employees or agents be liable for any damages whatsoever to the User, including, without limitation, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages arising out of or related to the use of the site or the services, including without limitation to the quality of the usefulness of information provided through or as part of the site or any decision made on the basis of the information, whether the damages were predictable or not and whether or not the company has been acquainted with the possibility of such damages. In no event shall CoinDCX’s cumulative liability to the User exceed the amount of money the User has transferred or deposited in its wallet in connection with the transaction giving rise to such liability.

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