CoinDCX Will Support the Merit Circle (MC) to Beam (BEAMX) Rebranding | 30 October 2023

Dear Community

This is to inform you that CoinDCX will support the Merit Circle (MC) to Beam (BEAMX) rebranding.

Please note:
At 11:30 AM on 2023-11-01 (IST) CoinDCX will delist existing Merit Circle (MC)Token margin trading pairs, CoinDCX will close users’ positions, conduct an automatic settlement, and cancel all pending margin orders on the  MC/USDT margin pairs.

At 8:00  AM (IST) on 2023-11-06 CoinDCX will remove existing Merit Circle (MC) Token from CoinDCX Main App and then will delist existing Merit Circle (MC)Token spot trading pairs:  MC/USDT, MC/BTC and cancel all pending spot trade orders. In addition, CoinDCX will remove Merit Circle (MC)  from the list of supported cryptos on the Pro mode of the CoinDCX app & the CoinDCX Pro App.
At 2023-11-07 07:30 AM (IST) Snapshots of users’ positions will be taken after all, orders are canceled.

Details of Token Swap:
All MC tokens will be swapped for BEAMX at a ratio of 1 MC = 100 BEAMX.
At 2023-11-14 1:30 PM (IST), trading will open for the BEAMX/USDT spot trading pair.


Team CoinDCX

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