CoinDCX Pro New Year Update FAQ

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Important Update on Bank Transfer Payment Method

Dear Community,

We would like to inform you that we have changed our bank account details for payments done via Bank Transfer (IMPS/NEFT/RTGS) with immediate effect from December 7, 2021. We would request you to ensure that you transfer funds to the new bank account only.

You can find the new bank account details when you select the Bank Transfer payment option while adding money into your CoinDCX wallet.

Still have questions? We’ve got you covered!

    • What action is required from my end?

If you choose to add funds into your CoinDCX wallet using the Bank Transfer payment method, you will now need to transfer funds to the new bank account. Please DO NOT transfer funds to the old bank account (HDFC Bank). Kindly note that any payment already made to the old bank account will be added to your CoinDCX wallet in the next 7 working days.

    • Will INR deposits be delayed due to this change?

No. All deposits and withdrawals will continue to be processed within 24-48 hours with 0% fees.

    • Does this change affect other payment options too?

No. All other payment options will continue to operate normally.

    • Are my funds safe?

We, at CoinDCX, always prioritize the safety and security of our customers’ transactions. Please be assured that these changes do not affect the safety of your funds and they are 100% safe with CoinDCX. You can continue to add funds to your CoinDCX wallet and trade without any worry. 

We truly appreciate your continued support in helping us improve CoinDCX for you. Thanks for choosing us!


Team CoinDCX

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Important: CoinDCX Go is Renaming to CoinDCX

Dear Community,

We’re constantly working towards our mission to make crypto accessible. And as a part of our growing family, we want YOU to be the first to know about our latest brand developments in the pipeline. 

Here’s a summary👇

Soon CoinDCX Go will be renamed to CoinDCX 📢

It’s the same app with a new name!

We always believe in engaging with our community to understand how we can improve our products. After all, the product is made for you.

From your feedback, we observed that having various extensions to CoinDCX was creating more confusion than solving problems for our users. This got us working! After several discussions, we decided that our broader commitment should always focus on establishing CoinDCX as your one-stop exchange platform with a unified and simple user experience.

So yes! We cannot wait to share this change with you. We’ll share an official announcement with you as soon as the renaming is done. We genuinely appreciate your support and will continue to keep serving you with industry-best crypto solutions!

P.S. Hurry! Check your email for complete details on this change.

Team CoinDCX

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Important Update | Email Confirmation Process

Dear Community,

In our constant effort to provide you with industry-best crypto solutions, we’re excited to share that now onwards for all email confirmations, an email OTP along with a phone OTP would be requested, replacing the earlier process of an email link followed by an email confirmation.

We hope this updated feature will make the verification process faster, smoother and easier than ever before. 

Keep trading with India’s largest and safest cryptocurrency exchange!

Team CoinDCX

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CoinDCX launches Liqueth (LQTH)

Dear Community,

We are super delighted to announce the launch of our ETH-backed token Liqueth (LQTH), with a mission to help our users participate in the ETH 2.0 network upgrade. In fact, more than $2 million worth of ETH has already been staked on CoinDCX.

If you have staked Ethereum (ETH) on CoinDCX, your staked ETH would be converted to LQTH in a 1:1 ratio and deposited into your wallets. Along with LQTH, you will also receive a one-time reward in ETH based on the interest earned for staking. Once listed, LQTH would be tradable (LQTH/UDST) and you can sell your staked position in the market whenever you wish or buy more staked positions to accumulate more rewards by buying more LQTH from the market.

LQTH/USDT markets will be live soon on CoinDCX and users would be able to trade their staked positions in the liquid market. Users can choose to exit or enter the staking positions just by Buying/Selling the LQTH token. You will also receive daily interest as staking rewards on your LQTH holdings in ETH.

To learn more about Liqueth (LQTH) and how it works, read our exclusive blog here

Got more questions? Check our FAQs below.

How is my 1-time reward calculated?
Since a validator for ETH is created against the staked 32 ETH, the rewards earned by the validators are to be distributed to the stakers based on their ETH contribution to the validator. Daily rewards earned by each validator in the form of ETH vary based on network performance but the reward generated by any validator in a day is constant. This reward is pooled together and distributed based on the ETH contribution to the validator creation which depends on the time and amount of ETH staked.

 Can I get back my ETH?

Yes! All you need to do is hold LQTH till the ETH (Beacon Chain) allows withdrawals from validators. We will then be able to return your ETH in a 1:1 ratio of LQTH. Your interest accumulated would have already been distributed to you via distribution mechanisms.

Can I transfer my LQTH to other users?

No, this is not allowed. However, you can trade LQTH in the open market once listed where your friends can also buy it.

How much commission does CoinDCX charge?

CoinDCX charges no commission on this activity. However, standard trading fees would be applicable if the user trades on the LQTH/USDT market.

When will I be able to trade my LQTH?

LQTH/USDT will be live in a few days. Updates regarding the listing would be announced on our community channels.


Still got more doubts?

Don’t speculate! Join our community across various platforms and we will answer all your questions.



Happy Trading!

Team CoinDCX

Lend: Interest Rate Update

Dear Community,

We are excited to share with you that we are going to increase the rate of interest on our Lend product. Lend is a secure and easy way to earn interests on your cryptos and going forward, you can earn more than 16% annual interest on the cryptos that you lend to CoinDCX.

Why are we doing this?

Assets in lending are used by margin traders to borrow. With the increasing demand on our margin trading, we want to pass on this benefit to the people who deserve, our loyal lenders like you. Hence we have decided to increase the interest rates on lend. You’d be pleased to know that this places us amongst the platforms with highest lending rates offering an annual interest rate of up to 16%.

The changes will be effective from March 05, 2021  and will be applicable only to all new lend orders placed after 11.59 PM (IST), March 04, 2021.

You can see the new interest rates for each crypto listed in Lend on our official page –

We thank you all for your love & support!

Happy Trading!!!
Team CoinDCX

Margin Trading: Interest Rate Update

Dear CoinDCX Pro Traders,

We are excited to share that we have been getting an overwhelming response on our Margin platform and the demand is growing. At CoinDCX Pro, we take pride in our Margin product as the range of cryptos offered for Margin trade is unmatched and unparalleled to any other competitors in the crypto market. While interest rates on Margin  have gone up till 50% globally due to increased demand, we are offering a competitive edge over them all.

To facilitate increased demand & growth, we will be increasing the Annual Interest Rate from 18% to 24% i.e ~ 0.065% daily (~0.0027% hourly) on Margin Trading. Also, we are improving our Lending rates to >16% placing us amongst the Top few Lenders globally so that the Margin available is enough for all our Margin Traders in this high demand time.

The changes will be effective from March 05, 2021 onwards and will be applicable to all new orders & positions placed after 11.59 PM (IST), March 04, 2021.

Kindly Note: Any existing order will not be affected.

We thank you all for your love & support for our Margin Product.

Happy Trading!!!
Team CoinDCX

UPI Facility Update

Dear Community,

Please note that INR Deposits via UPI facility will be unavailable effective February 21, 2021, 00:00:00 hrs.

While we regret this development, this is because of reasons beyond our control.

Meanwhile INR Deposits via. Netbanking and Mobikwik will continue to function as NORMAL.

In case you prefer Bank Transfers, kindly add us as a Beneficiary to your Bank Account to fast-track your Deposit via. our bank transfer options.

Team CoinDCX

System Upgrade Notice

Dear CoinDCX Traders, 

We have noticed an issue due to a recent upgrade to our systems impacting a few users. This issue has already been picked up by our team and a fix is being rolled out. Inconvenience is regretted.

In  case of any queries, please contact [email protected]  

Thanks for the support and patience
Team CoinDCX