#TipOfTheDay : Be Anonymous | October 24, 2021

As we all know that Privacy in today’s time is a myth. All our activity on the internet is tracked. Remember the latest mobile phone you checked out on an E-commerce site and got stalked by its advertisement everywhere you went on the Internet. The advertisement makes you desperate for the new phone you glanced at. 

We all know that unless we make a concentrated effort there is hardly any anonymity or privacy online. For people who desire to be anonymous, it is possible to hide their information on the internet. Here’s what you can do in 7 easy steps. 

    1. Use a VPN : The word VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is capable of encrypting the web traffic from browsers and other web pages. VPN just not hides your IP addresses but also hides your browsing history so that the internet service provider is unable to see any of your online activities going on. 
    2. Beware of sharing Post PII : Although it’s quite fun to have a social life, it is always advisable not to share personally identifiable information (PII) such as phone number, address, or social security number across the internet. Such sharing can lead to impersonification and identity theft especially when you haven’t set up the protection service against identity theft.
    3. Check app permissions : Do not mindlessly accept any and all the permissions required by your app. Do not give access to personal information which does not concern the primary functioning of the app. It’s always up to the user to keep these permissions in check.
    4. Mind your privacy policies : Check the information your app collects or shares. Several companies share the personal information of the users with third parties for advertising and marketing purposes. This is not at all conducive to privacy.
    5. Proxy server : While comparing proxy servers and VPN for a single-use, always go for the former. The proxy servers are capable of only encrypting the IP address of the device and not the web traffic. The perk is that they are most often free.
    6. Disable cookies : Getting stalked by an advertisement over the internet? Disable cookies and you will see the magic. Cookies contain every single piece of data about your online activity that helps marketing and advertising companies target ads.
    7. Use a password manager : If you tend to use the same password everywhere, the goal of reaching online anonymity becomes difficult to achieve. Go for unique passwords for all your online accounts. 

The Internet began with the idea of sharing information freely without any fear or consequences. However, there is a complete lack of privacy since brands monetize from our attention. Follow the above 7 steps and you will get closer to your internet anonymity.

Stay safe and stay secure.


Team CoinDCX