Cosmex: Reimagining the Global Cryptocurrency Trading Ecosystem

Dear Community,

CoinDCX is expanding its footprints to the global markets & we’re pleased to announce the news of our upcoming global product, Cosmex, that will reimagine the way global crypto trading works.

Kindly Note: All CoinDCX Pro users will be given early access invite to Cosmex. The experience for CoinDCX Pro users won’t change if they wish to join Cosmex. We have taken into consideration an easy transition process and have built the system so the experience will be similar and seamless as CoinDCX Pro.

What is Cosmex?

Cosmex will provide access to more than half of the world’s crypto liquidity through its universal wallet and a reimagined simple user interface. It’ll build a layer of new products and services on top of this massive liquid layer with superior cost-efficiency and the highest levels of security.

To Know more, please visit:

Stay Tuned for more! 🎉


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